"I knew I needed a doula for the birth of my second child because I was silly and didn't have one for my first...a birth that went nothing like I planned. The reason I actually became a doula myself!  When I met with Katie for a coffee I knew instantly I wanted her support at the birth of my daughter. Katie is such a cool calm and sweet spirit with an amazing energy. It was like we'd know each other for a long time. Her passion for helping women is as big as her heart.
She completely respected my birth choices and supported me in the months leading up to my birth answering questions with a quick text and in the week leading up to my birth when I surpassed my due date, she was there to ease my mind when I wondered if another induction was looming.
When I did text her the night I went into labour she was there for me and jumped right in giving me physical support and encouragement. Reminding me of my birth plan and telling me exactly what I needed to hear. She knew I had loved the shower in labour the first time around and reminded me to use the shower as a way to help me relax and dilate. Having her there to help my husband know what to do to help me and to put my mom at ease with the home birth experience was invaluable. The whole time I felt like I could just be in labour and focus on my baby and staying relaxed instead of having to tell everybody around me what I needed. Katie did all of that for me. She was totally not intrusive but still right there for me the whole time. Katie's way of knowing exactly what I needed was amazing. I had my home water birth and my daughter was born exactly how I wanted her to be. The whole experience was so healing and Katie was a huge part of why.  If my husband ever agrees to one more...😉 Katie better be available for my due date...because she'll be there again!!" - Jenn

"As a second-time mama I can't even formulate words describing how extremely supportive, resourceful and empathetic Katie was during my pregnancy and labour. She was everything that every expecting mother needs, high risk pregnancy or not. I had decided on an epidural but knew that I definitely did not want a c-section and I knew that hiring a doula would greatly reduce that as an outcome for me. I went into labor at 41 weeks and Katie was there every step of the way. She had many excellent ideas on different ways to breathe and move through the pain and was supportive on what I wanted at that time. I made it to 8cm before my epidural and was extremely thankful for all of her support even after the epidural.

Her coaching and visualization exercises were so helpful and she was a calming presence through a hectic time for Logan and I. At one point during labour, her voice encouraged me and assured that the last push is all I need! She worked as a team with the nurse and doctor, welcoming our baby into the world peacefully and happily. We feel so fortunate that she was part of the birth of our beautiful son.

Every single detail of my birth story isn't written here, but the most important thing that I want expecting mamas to take away from this is that I had the most positive birth experience. It was everything I wanted it to be! I enjoyed my experience and survived my labor with the help of Katie as my doula.

Katie has a soothing demeanor, a calming voice and an outgoing personality. She is an amazing individual who is highly educated in her field of expertise and the knowledge you'll receive from her is incomparable. I can't thank Katie enough for being there for me during my time of need and I will always be thankful for her." - Tanya

"As a first time mom, I was very nervous about the idea of giving birth. I read the books and took the classes but was afraid I'd forget what I had learned when the time really came. My husband and I decided to meet with Katie and talk to her about our plans, our fears and ways to address them. I was pleasantly surprised with everything she had to offer. It wasn't just helping me through contractions (which ended up being essential) but she made sure to include my husband the entire time and help us help each other through the labour. It allowed us to feel more confident going into this nerve wracking time because we knew we could count on her expertise without taking away the special family moments we were creating.

Having Katie's supportive voice talking me through contractions was invaluable. I don't know if I could have gotten through it without her! In the end, our beautiful baby girl was born healthy and we are so pleased that Katie was able to help us welcome her the way we wanted to.

I would highly recommend Katie to any of my friends and family preparing to welcome a new addition to their families" - Jackie